With efforts in developing new colours, we have a new Masterbatch in our range, the PC-Masterbatch olive M.

It is similar to RAL 6028 and looks like an intense Military/Army-Green.


If you are interested in our new Masterbatch, we would be pleased to send you a sample.


If you are looking for other colours, please contact us. We have many other colours, which only are produced or developed on demand.

Pacast AG is a member of the development association for the Swiss polymer training and technology center KATZ (Kunststoff Ausbildungs- und Technologie Zentrum) since 2013. The KATZ is the Swiss center of excellence for polymer technology. Its services reach far beyond training of polymer processing related skills to industry. Applied research and development as well as simulation, engineering consulting and material testing are part of its portfolio.

As part of the Pacast AG outreach program, we participated in the industry day, celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the KATZ. The goal, to reach designers, engineers and educators and present the method and excellent properties of materials produced by monomer casting, was achieved and surpassed. The network of personal relations to firms and individuals active in training, engineering consulting and industrial design in Switzerland was strengthened.

Not only was the exhibition and networking successful, but the relations with the KATZ were deepened. Pacast AG is now the official partner of the KAT Z for training in monomer casting. This expansion of the competencies of the KATZ are visualized by a large poster on monomer casting, hanging in the entrance hall of the KATZ, in plain view of all visitors, students and interested parties in the development and industrial application of polymeric materials.
Joint projects in the application of monomer cast parts in light weight construction are planned and new applications soon to follow.

We are very happy to support the KATZ and the Swiss Polymer Industry in order to jointly develop the market for monomer cast materials with our customers and end users.
This collaboration will benefit both our customers and the monomer casting industry alike.

As we had some problems with our website, we decided to slightly renovate our web-presence. The goal is both a new design and the incorporation of current developments and new projects. We are looking forward to your next visit

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